Advance protection & greater efficiency for high power systems.Introducing the First high-performance, isolated gate driver with integrated sensing for IGBTs and SiC MOSFETS

New InnoMux technology to improve the efficiency of the Power supply of the display

The new chipsets include an InnoMux controller IC and an InnoSwitch ™ 3 – MX isolation switch IC. This chip set adopts unique single-stage power architecture, which can reduce the power consumption level of display application.

A series of highly integrated high-power constant-current LED driver IC is developed for LED applications that require isolated or non-isolated power supply at high voltage, low voltage and common input line voltages from 85 VAC to 277 VAC.

CoolSiC™ schottky diodes

CoolSiC™ schottky diodes G5 deliver market leading efficiency at attractive cost point. It has been optimized from all key aspects including junction structure, substrate and die attach. It represents a well-balanced product family which offers state-of-the-art performance and high surge capability at competitive cost level.